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About Us

We are The Smart Methodology Co.

Our passion is to help business owners and managers to identify and evaluate potential market opportunities to grow their business.

We provide solutions and services that are dedicated to growth and efficiency. Based on research-based insights, our advisory services are dedicated to helping companies achieve sustainable revenue and growth.

Our programs support entrepreneurship activity primarily at early or growth stage levels.

Our key focus: Help Drive Entrepreneurial Growth through Market Opportunity Assessment and Innovation.

We provide tools and templates to identify and evaluate the attractiveness of market opportunity and ideas.

We put together learning and consulting services together that are purpose-built to generate growth. Our approach progressively reduces the reliance on our learning and consulting services by helping each client become a self-sustaining Growth Enterprise.

Our mission & vision

  • Our Vision

    To be the top-of-mind partner for companies wanting to drive growth and efficiency through innovation

  • Our Mission

    To help companies be successful in their growth journey using an entrepreneurial approach to drive economic development.

our staff

our partner

InnovationLabs, one of the world’s most respected innovation training and consulting firm, have worked successfully in 17 countries to design and deliver high impact innovation programs globally. InnovationLabs bring the many dimensions of innovation together into practical understanding and meaningful action.

InnovationLab works in several continents, across various industry verticals, with organizations of different scale, on a wide range of projects. Their writings are among some of the most admired in the innovation field. an unparalleled record of success in their projects.

The diversity of InnovationLabs client base and projects demonstrate a clear and increasing advantage to each client, as we combine learning gained in many industries to help build/ develop new breakthrough solutions in each one.

Service Portfolio

Establish Company Readiness
Understand success formula and Innovation concept
- to develop your innovation strategy and process
Create Innovation Culture & Team Competency
- Develop and assign key talents to innovation teams
Develop Role Competency
Provide Expertise

Certification Portfolio

The world’s most comprehensive program of innovation certification to prepare people from all fields to be successful innovators, contributors and leaders

Certified Innovation Professional™ (CIP™)

The Certified Innovation Professional™(CIP™) program offers young professionals a unique and comprehensive introduction to the key fundamentals of the innovation field, and supports them in achieving innovation proficiency.

3.5 day program

150 multiple-choice questions

Mini case studies with analysis

Certified Innovation Manager™ (CIM™)

The Certified Innovation Manager™ (CIM™) program for those who lead innovation programs and projects within their organizations. Candidates for this program generally have at least three years of experience and are now working as project leaders.

5 day program

200 multiple-choice questions

Mini case studies with analysis

Certified Chief Innovation Officer™ (CCIO™)

The Certified Chief Innovation Officer™ (CCIO™) program is for senior leaders who manage and direct innovation efforts across their entire organizations. Advanced Principles and Policies for World Class Innovation Management

4 day program

For senior leaders

Limited to 20 persons per session

Innovation Seminars

Creative Geniuses

Find Great Ideas and Turn Them into Great Innovations

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Innovation Leaders

Lead the Way to Innovation Success

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Innovation Champions

Leverage Innovation Throughout Your Organization

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Customer Case Studies

Company Case Studies

Extensive program of courses and training to drive growth and ensure teams are operating at optimal level

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Community Case Studies

Create a partnership to promote the growth of businesses / communities including education and training for the country’s work force

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Collaboration Case Studies

Building centers for accommodate intense collaborative sessions

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Why Choose Us

Partner with InnovationLabs, one of the world’s leading innovation and collaboration consultancies, recognized globally for deep expertise in innovation and collaboration methods and tools, and forthe breakthrough projects we lead for our clients

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